Tuesday, July 12, 2005

From Battle Creek Enquirer by Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

Your Opinions - Equalize Rights for Parents

I am writing this hoping to bring public the need for change in existing legislation like the Violence Against Women Act and S105 and HR 240 Personal Responsibility, Work, and Family Promotion Act of 2005 and the problem of children not being awarded equal parenting time with both of their parents and no equality in the responsibility of supporting children.

About 70-80 percent of women have sole custody of children with the fathers being part-time visitors. Joint physical custody should be the law first and foremost unless there is cause otherwise. Federal programs should reward states that have education programs that emphasize the equal importance of both parents and laws that increase the amount of fathers who have joint physical custody with equal numbers of sole custody fathers vs. mothers.

Tax laws should be based on the amount of time either parent has them, not on custody. A large number of non-custodial parents pay the majority of the money that is spent on their children and pay the majority of taxes, but with no or little tax relief.

There also should be a more equitable approach by the state in formulating child support and child care programs. These programs should remove the disincentive for parents to increase their earnings by formulating programs that do not focus on incomes but rather focus on true economic conditions of raising children. Refer to the state's foster care system that has set amounts for support based on age and need of the children involved.

All laws should be gender neutral with no one sex getting more rights then the other. The Department of Justice reports that 36 percent or 835,000 of the 2.3 million victims of domestic violence are male victims. The 14th Amendment trumps special interest gender politics.
Darrick Scott-Farnsworth


Blogger NYMOM said...

"...About 70-80 percent of women have sole custody of children..."

Yet this is a HUGE drop from what used to be over 90% of mothers having custody. So why do men and their supporters keep lying and acting like the courts are discriminating against fathers when the last census showed that father custody has increased by 67% over the 90s.

So many of you lie on other blogs about this. In fact the people discriminated against in court are really MOTHERS. AND that 70-80 percent of mothers have custody because it is agreed on by BOTH parents.

But trouble-makers like you are STILL not satisfied so continue instigating and destroying the lives of many mothers and children with your propaganda. Many like Angry Harry, for instance, instigates constantly and doesn't even have ANY children.

You are all just a group of trouble-makers who will eventually be shown for what you really are...

11:54 AM  

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